Hello Love, 

In Professional Avid Companions, we pride ourselves in assisting our providers with personal focus and careful individual attention. Whether you have years of experience or new to the industry, we're here to guide you along the way with utmost respect and compassion. With many years of being a professional companion, you can be assured of our high standards of respectable clientele. 

If you're an open-minded woman and think you hold a unique appeal while being confident in your own skin, we're happy to hear from you. Our brand in PAC is about treating people with kindness and grace; with those values, we associate ourselves with generous and respectable gentlemen that relate and always eager to meet an intelligent woman with personality.  

If you choose to let us assist you in this venture –we'll do more than set you up with our list of dependable clientele or screen and verify for potential newbies –we will provide our mentorship to empower amazing women like yourself, discuss your financial plans, and how to fulfill your goals as much as possible. 

Layla & Noa


  • Website and marketing materials are accommodated 

  • Assist in schedulings and verifications

  • Accommodation to your flexible work hours via our mobile scheduling app

  • Exposure to an existing network of generous and kind gentlemen

  • Highest standards of screening in the industry for new clients

  • A positive environment, drama avoidant supportive staff

  • Complimentary photoshoot

  • Detailed monthly financial report 



  • Additional marketing accommodations

  • Additional complimentary photoshoot


  • Related employment reference needed to facilitate rental tenancy 

  • Annual accounting services 

  • Assist with financial planning and investment portfolio building